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Young Commissioners

Hertfordshire County Council ensures that children and young people have their say in the services they receive and, since 2016, youth voice has been at the very heart of these services.

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We are looking for young people to carry on the legacy and become Young Commissioners – could it be you?

In a nutshell

This is your chance to get involved in and influence the services available to young people in Hertfordshire, including how they are delivered, who delivers them and what the outcomes should be.

It’s about doing things 'with' you and not 'to' you, making sure that what you get is what you need.

Who are Young Commissioners?

Young Commissioners are young people from a diverse range of backgrounds from all over Hertfordshire. Some might be young people living away from home or care leavers, and some may have disabilities or learning difficulties. They are all committed to making change for the better.


What do I need to do as a Young Commissioner?

To become a Young Commissioner you will first need to attend a training event to learn more about what is involved before formally signing up. The training is action packed to prepare you for the role and responsibilities of being a Young Commissioner.

You will learn about how services for children and young people are developed, commissioned and delivered, and how co-production - young people working with decision makers - works.

As a Young Commissioner you will develop your skills in

  • advocacy and representing others
  • presentation and recording skills
  • working with others as part of a team
  • assessing quality and what evidence to look for.

What is the time commitment?

We recognise that you have lives... school, college, work, friends and family – and all of these are important.

You can be involved as much as your time will allow. The training day is a must though and from then on, meetings and visits with decision makers, providers of services etc. will be organised as much as possible around your availability as a group.

You can get involved in the financial side, procurement, marketing, interviewing, quality assuring – whatever stages you are interested in or, even better, challenge yourself and get involved in an area that you wouldn’t necessarily choose maybe?


Want to get involved?

Volunteering your time is a great way not only to learn new skills but also to get recognition that can be used towards the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, or to develop your CV whether it is for employment, college or university.

The Services for Young People Young Commissioners project really makes a difference.

Young Commissioners have previously been involved in commissioning of drug and alcohol, mental health and young carers services, the evaluation and quality assurance of children’s residential homes, and the interviewing and recruitment of senior staff within Children’s Services at Hertfordshire County Council.

To find out more or to register your interest, please email