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Young Health Champions

The Young Health Champions programme is a Royal Society for Public Health initiative exclusively delivered by Services for Young People. Along with partners, they train and then work with champions in schools to develop Emotional Wellbeing Groups that can support students, staff and the wider community.

This 40-hour, Level 2 course, certified by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), trains cohorts of up to 15 students to become health advisers, able to signpost and cascade critical health messages to their peers and even share some basic health advice for some concerns.

Six young people giving each other a piggy-back in an autumnal park.

Each course has the potential to impact over 800 students, improving their understanding of emotional health and how to maintain or improve their wellbeing and resilience. Peer health messages can extend beyond the immediate student body or project and be used to meaningfully engage with other youth groups and projects, primary feeder schools, hub schools, parents and the wider community.

Each cohort will have the opportunity to help design and run new in-school activities developed by the Emotional Wellbeing Group that will form from Champions, their peers and supporting adults (such as teachers, school nurses, school counsellors, heads of PHSE, heads of pastoral care, governors, local services and CAMHS school liaison officers).  The Emotional Wellbeing Groups aim to improve the awareness of sources of emotional wellbeing support, access to early help, and improved resilience.

Schools interested in training their students as Young Health Champions should contact us by:

  • E-mail
  • Telephone: 0300 123 7538

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