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Access to All

Inspiring young people in Stevenage to pursue STEM careers

Young female engineer wearing a hard hat.

What is Access to All?

The Access to All programme aims to inspire students in Stevenage schools to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Stevenage has a strong and well-established STEM sector with world leaders in aerospace, engineering, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Despite this, many local young people don't currently consider careers within these sectors.

Access to All provides Year 9 students with opportunities to learn about a range of STEM careers, entry routes and required qualifications to help them make informed decisions about subject choices for their GCSEs that would support a future career in STEM.

Working in partnership with STEM employers, Services for Young People delivers valuable learning experiences to ensure that local STEM employers have access to a qualified and enthusiastic future workforce.

What does the programme involve?

The Access to All programme involves a variety of engaging activities and challenges, both in and out of school, including:

  • Workshops and projects to develop STEM knowledge
  • Meeting STEM employers and workplace visits
  • Presentations on options at 16, including sixth form, further education and training
  • Visits to a college for a taste of college life and information about the variety of relevant courses available
  • Support to access Hertfordshire’s Opportunities Portal (HOP) for information on STEM careers and the required skills
  • Workshops and opportunities for parents/carers to increase their knowledge of STEM careers

SfYP Advisers and Youth Workers work closely with teachers, other careers professionals and parents/carers, and offer additional support to any young people facing challenges that may affect their engagement with the programme, helping them overcome any barriers to pursuing a STEM career pathway. 

Access to All is funded and supported by Mission 44.

Monitoring and evaluation

Throughout the delivery of the pilot programme, feedback will be sought from parents/carers, employers and schools to assess its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Please click on the relevant link below to complete the evaluation form.


From a parent of a young person who is taking part in the Services for Young People Access to All programme

"My son is involved in the SfYP Access to All STEM programme and [his interests are] deep rooted in science and a passion for astro engineering and nuclear science. SfYP have made huge progress in getting young minds active and ensuring young voices are heard… This project is great for our future pioneers and without a doubt something that needs to be continued and nurtured.”

From employers who took part in the Services for Young People Access to All STEM careers challenge event
“I enjoyed the team building activity to build a bridge. It helped the young people work collaboratively in real world scenarios.”
DLRC Regulatory Affairs Consultancy Ltd, Letchworth

“The Airbus team really enjoyed leading the activities and it was successful in planting the seed of "I could do that as well........." in the young people's minds. I am so glad I volunteered for it."
Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage

From the Adaptive Teaching Lead at Barnwell School regarding the Services for Young People Access to All STEM careers challenge event

“The presence of the employers was really great for students.”

Find out more about the Access to all STEM careers challenge event