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2B programme

The 2B programme is funded by the Hertfordshire Virtual School and delivered by the Services for Young People SEND Team, working alongside other professionals from organisations which help young people in care.

2B provides support to young people in care during critical life transitions, ensuring they have the guidance and resources needed for a successful journey into adulthood.

The programme ensures that young people in care, who may face life challenges, have opportunities to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. It aims to prevent them from becoming 'NEET' (not in employment, education, or training) by supporting them in finding jobs, continuing learning, and making a smooth transition to post-16 life.

Support offered

2B supports students with Education Health and Care Plans in Year 11, 12 or Year 1 of college/training. These young people are or have been educated in specialist schools and may live in or out of Hertfordshire, including those in residential care homes.  

Services for Young People regularly monitors and evaluate the effectiveness of the 2B programme in supporting a successful transition to adulthood.

Examples of the positive impact of the 2B programme

Continuity of support and college transition

Starting in Year 7, an SfYP Personal Adviser provided consistent support to a young person during multiple placement and school changes. In Year 11, the Adviser supported the young person with college visits and to explore post-16 options. This resulted in the young person successfully enrolling at Oaklands College. On completing the course, the programme supported the transition to other employment services for help finding a job.

Overcoming complex circumstances
2B support was crucial to a young person in complex circumstances at an important point of transition. As the young person was completing Year 11 they had a mid-term change in living arrangements. An SfYP Adviser provided consistent support, offering information, advice and guidance, and participated in the young person’s CLA (Child Looked After) reviews, explored college options, and helped the young person with a college application. The Adviser ensured a smooth transition by introducing the young person to college staff before the course began, and they continue to provide ongoing support throughout the course.


Making contact and referrals

For more information about the 2B programme, please email the SfYP SEND Team

Professionals who work with young people and parents/carers can make a referral to Services for Young People.

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