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Feedback and quotes from young people who have taken part in NCS with Services for Young People

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Feedback from young people

Summer 2021

"Really enjoyed the entire experience! The leaders were amazing... absolutely loved the first week because it was the most fun I've had since the start of Covid, and the second week was really gratifying. Thank you so much!"

"NCS massively helped [me] to gain confidence in talking to new people and gave us the opportunity to give back to the community in a fun and enjoyable way."

"You get to make a lot of new friends and experience new activities!"

"I liked the range of activities, meeting new people, working with new people and challenging ourselves as a group and individually, encouraging more independence. Thank you so much!"

"Interesting and informative, building on teamwork skills and meeting new people."

"I really enjoyed NCS, it was an amazing experience, and was an adventure to remember. So I would most definitely recommend it to people who need something to fill a couple of weeks of the summer!"

"It's brilliant! I've met some incredible people and learnt a lot."

"The leaders were so nice and helpful and made everyone feel involved."

"I really enjoyed the two weeks and met lots of new people and learnt important teamwork skills through the social action project. This is something I think others would enjoy and benefit from."

"It's a very fun experience and you gain a lot from doing it."

"Met some amazing people and got some really good friends. Community work is very rewarding. First week especially was very enjoyable."

"Had a really good time and everyone was very friendly... Activities were really fun and informative. I thought it was a really good way to spend my summer."

Autumn 2020 

"It's an amazing experience and you get to make many amazing friends!"

"It was the best experience, even with the coronavirus situation. Met chill new people, and just had a lot of fun... I especially enjoyed the archery, bushcraft and team activities. Just a brilliant time. Would persuade everyone to give it a go."

“It was just such a wonderful opportunity where I built my social skills from meeting new people, I learnt more about the local community and most importantly had so much fun!”

"It was a fun experience and I'm glad I went on it... for anyone who wants to try something new I would totally tell them to go for it."

"It was an amazing experience with lots of amazing people, great fun and good to work on something to help out the community."

"It is really fun! Not only does it add to your CV but you can make loads of new friends."