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Reach Out

Reach Out is a Services for Young People programme for young people who are at risk of exploitation

Who is Reach Out for?

Reach Out is for young people at risk of exploitation and for those showing early or low level signs of dangerous risk taking behaviour.

What support will young people receive?

Young people will receive one-to-one or groupwork support from a Youth Worker or Personal Adviser covering areas such as emotional wellbeing, relationships, making healthy choices, protective behaviours and planning for the future. A typical programme will consist of six individual sessions, followed by the opportunity to take part in group projects and discussions where this is felt to be appropriate.

How can young people access the Reach Out programme?

If you are a professional working with a young person, a parent/carer or a young person yourself, you can make a referral and we will call you back to tell you more about the programme and how to access it.


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 Reach out leaflet featuring three young people on the front and the title 'A programme of one to one and groupwork support for young people at risk of exploitation.'


Young people who took part in the Reach Out programme said:

"I think the programme has really impacted on my life and has really helped me. It helped me improve on my self-esteem, behaviour and relationships with others. I can now manage my emotions better and my behaviour is better. I can now handle it."

"I feel these sessions have helped me with how to be confident in school and with the teachers and also made me stop and think before I do something. This hasn’t just helped while I’m in education it has helped when I’m at home and helped with starting new friendships."

"The one-to-ones have helped with being safe, friends, confidence and self-esteem – to not think badly about yourself. Don’t think everything around you is bad cause it’s not. I know who to hang around with and who’s fake."