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Positive Pathways

A programme of one to one support and groupwork for young people involved in, or at risk of involvement in, crime and antisocial behaviour (ASB).

Who is Positive Pathways for?

Positive Pathways helps young people who are vulnerable and most at risk of:

  • Being involved in or at risk of becoming involved in crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Presenting challenging behaviour in the community
  • Associating with people who are involved in crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Struggling with personal issues associated with crime and antisocial behaviour, including carrying a weapon, alcohol and substance misuse

What support will young people receive? 

Young people will receive one-to-one or groupwork support from a Youth Worker to:

  • Identify the young person’s concerns, issues and needs
  • Develop an action plan which responds to these needs
  • Identify other local services which can provide support
  • Work on any barriers that might prevent a young person accessing services and taking part in activities
  • Support the young person to achieve their goals.


How can young people access the Positive Pathways programme?

If you work with a young person, are a parent or a young person yourself, you can make a referral and we will call you back to tell you more about the programme and how to access it.


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“Before the project I was getting in trouble with the police and was always out with my mates getting in trouble. Positive Pathways has helped me a lot and I am thankful that the Youth Worker has done everything to help me… I knew she was there for me when I needed her”

“I wanted someone to help me with my behaviour and my anger and that is what the Youth Worker did.”

"The Youth Worker has been brilliant and supported me so much. She is the only support I have; now I feel like we have been given a second chance.”

“Working with my youth worker has made me look at how to resolve conflict with others and to think before I speak, also not to get involved with others who are not good for me.  I have really enjoyed the meetings with her and feel more positive about myself.”


This work was inspired from a partnership initiative between Services for Young People and Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council with additional funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner