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Feedback from schools and colleges

“An action-packed adventure! Despite the rain, the pupils had an amazing time... Everyone was excited to try all the different activities. The children loved building shelters in the forest, trying archery for the first time, building and racing their own go-karts, as well as climbing Hudnall Park’s large traverse wall. Zip-lining down the very large hill was definitely a highlight for them all; even the pupils who weren’t sure at first took the plunge and had the best time. The evening was full of fun and games and a late-night walk into the woods and the children enjoyed having their first sleepover with their friends. The final activity saw the pupils take part in the low ropes assault course which was incredibly fun. The pupils were buzzing on their return as they couldn’t wait to share their experiences with all their friends and family.”

Denbigh Primary School, Luton – Year 6 residential trip, March 2023


"The workshops were age appropriate and supported the children’s previous learning. The Centre Manager was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the day. She was very knowledgeable and built a great rapport with the children. Considering the weather was so poor, the children were engaged throughout. The children loved the orienteering animal tracks activity."

Skyswood Primary School – Year 2 day trip, July 2023


"A really fun and interactive day. There were lots of different activities on offer that captured the children’s interest. Everything was explained well and at an age-appropriate level. The children’s favourite activity was exploring the woods on a bug hunt. They learnt about different habitats and camouflage."

St Anthony’s Primary School – Reception day trip, July 2023


"Couldn’t ask for more! The staff were very professional and helpful, from the point of booking and planning the programme to delivering a well-planned and engaging session. The structure and content fitted our needs and the experience was hugely beneficial to the children."

Buckingham Prep School – Residential trip, April 2023


"We were so impressed with everything. There was a good balance between activities and ‘down’ time and the children particularly enjoyed the outside activities, such as archery, go-karting and team building games. The staff were great, leading the activities calmly and giving clear and concise instructions to the children."

St Michael's C of E VA Primary School – Year 5 residential trip, February 2023


"The children in Year 4  had a great time and have learnt valuable new skills. We would definitely return and felt that the trip was good value for money."

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – May, 2023


"The structure of the day and its content was tailored to our needs and closely aligned to our science topic, ‘Healthy me’. The instructors were very calm and explained things well, engaging the children excellently."

Chambersbury Primary School – October, 2022


"Year 5 had an engaging and active day with plenty of learning opportunities and activities with many cross-curricular links."

St Hilda’s School – October, 2022


"A great stay with wonderful staff. The children had a ball! There was an excellent variety of activities on offer, all delivered brilliantly by the staff at Hudnall Park who adapted to the additional needs of our children. The children particularly enjoyed the water activities."

Westfield Primary School - Year 4 residential trip, June 2023


"The activities during our residential stay were entertaining and the timings worked well for our pupils. The instructors were informative, helpful and supportive. We all felt safe and the grounds, accommodation and equipment were clean, tidy and well-maintained."

Overstone Combined School - Year 6 residential trip, June 2023


"Very pleased with the activities and facilities on offer. As always, the activities were fun and engaging, led by very friendly, interactive and knowledgeable staff. The children loved being outside and particularly enjoyed learning about different types of wildlife and were very excited when they spotted a great crested newt whilst pond dipping. The  instructor's approach to den building made the process achievable for our children and they were also led on a tough but entertaining walk around the grounds of Hudnall. The children loved the games to keep them going. School staff felt that the trip significantly improved the children’s confidence, personal and social skills and they noticed a different side of the children’s personalities outside of the classroom. "
Hartsfield JMI School - May 2023


“We all had a great time. The facilities were excellent and very clean. All of your staff were great and the children had a wonderful time. We will definitely be booking again next year.” 
St Bernadette Catholic Primary School - June 2021

"The children had it all: learning, varied resources and the great outdoors!"

"Excellent! On arrival the children were immediately engaged and the instructor had wonderful control of the group. The structure was organised yet relaxed, with time to wash hands, eat snacks etc."

"The children were engaged with this fully hands-on approach, which linked in perfectly with our science topic."

"A stunning place that I hope stays available to schools for years to come! Every area of the park/grounds is exceptional."
Whitehill Junior School - January 2020

"The children have got a lot from this experience, both educationally and socially. A fantastic experience – inspirational."

"Very friendly and well prepared teaching staff. Very relevant content to our curriculum. Our learning outcomes were fully met, and the curriculum was brought to life for the children – highly recommend." 
Hartsfield JMI School – May 2019

"Great structure and content and really knowledgeable and enjoyable tuition. I like that there are activities linked to the curriculum subjects and also adventurous activity options." 
St John’s VA CofE Primary School – May 2019

Feedback from parents and young people

"Thank you for such a splendid week, I don't want to go back to normality! I will remember the residential for a long time, it was brilliant.”

“I learnt lots about John Muir himself, as well as many facts about wildlife. The residential was even better than I expected. Such a range of things to do!”

“It was more than expected, it was amazing!”

“The week is full of a range of activities.  There was lots to learn and many opportunities to develop a range of skills.”

Young people attending residential courses at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023


"The accommodation was lovely and I always felt safe. The catering staff were nice and accommodating and there was something on the menu for everyone.  I enjoyed the mix of extensive activities, including sport/games and the John Muir conservation part. This side of the course was very interesting and probably my favourite.
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023


“There was a huge variety of tasks and challenges, so I always felt like I was experiencing something new. It was by far one of the cheapest and most fulfilling and fun courses I have taken part in. The instructors were helpful, making me feel comfortable and supported, giving useful tips if I was struggling with activities. I always felt safe and the staff walked us through the crucial safety precautions before starting an activity. I enjoyed the challenge obstacle course the most, finding creative and inventive solutions. It was great to also do things off-site and explore the local area. It was very interesting to learn about all the (often overlooked) aspects of the natural world and how important it is to preserve our surroundings. The catering staff were very patient, offering a wide range of choices and using high quality ingredients. The accommodation facilities were excellent and clean.”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“The best week! I made new friends and became closer to an old friend during my time at Hudnall. I felt safe before doing anything. I liked all the activities, particularly archery, the zip wire and having a campfire. My favourite was the badger hide activity and staying up to see if we would see any and the off-site visit to the zoo. I loved the food, it was amazing and there was plenty of it”.
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did! Staff stuck to the itinerary, making sure activities ran to time. I enjoyed the go karting, campfire, archery and the off-site visit to the zoo.”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“All of the activities were well organised. The instructors were great, always open to questions and I learnt a lot through the activities. The food was excellent (coming from a picky eater!)”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“A great mixture of activities and downtime. The instructors varied the learning approach depending on the activity and were kind and extremely understanding of my anxiety, which made me feel calm. I loved the night trail and butterfly activity. I enjoyed having a project to work towards throughout the week. It gave me motivation with the progress we made. Hudnall Park is a calm and peaceful environment and there was an amazing variety of food, which you could order the night before. ”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“This course was good value for money, with extensive activities and the conservation part was particularly interesting. I felt extremely safe at Hudnall. It had the best accommodation that I have been to for young people- it was spotless. The grounds are excellently maintained. The food was varied so we didn’t get bored and were well-sized and filling.”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“[The course] wasn’t what I had expected… it was better! I had the best week. I learnt a lot of new things and the instructors were very knowledgeable. I felt very safe before each activity and my favourites were the low ropes, go-karting and the butterfly survey. The view at Hudnall Park is absolutely incredible. The food was a highlight – delicious!”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023

“The course was very insightful and enjoyable . The staff gave clear instructions, were approachable, helpful and encouraged me to try new things. I enjoyed the bike ride. The food was yummy and allergies were well catered for.”
Young person attending John Muir Award residential course at Hudnall Park as part of the DofE Gold Award - August, 2023


“I liked reading the map…We worked together and we won!”
“I learnt how different animals ate pine cones differently and enjoyed the song about the body parts of an insect.”
Skyswood Primary School pupils– Year 2 day trip, July 2023


"The teaching and learning were excellent. A day with lots of engaging, hands-on learning! The activities were timed perfectly to keep the children’s interest and they loved pond dipping for animals and bugs." 
Parent with group from Bernards Heath Junior School - May 2023

"I am one of the parents who came [to Hudnall Park] today with Gade Valley JMI and I have to say it was amazing. I'm sure you will [hear] from the teachers, but I wanted to say as a parent it was amazing. Nicola was great with all the children and helpers. Thank you for such a educational day."
Parent with group from Gade Valley JMI - October 2021

"The rooms are comfy and cosy and made me feel at home. I felt safe in your hands"
Abel Smith School pupil 

"I had so much fun". "Thank you for the amazing experience". "It has helped me to connect with people".
CAD young people with Services for Young People Welwyn Hatfield Team

Feedback from corporate clients

“Without doubt, Hudnall Park provides value for money – every aspect of the visit is worthwhile.”

“It is Hertfordshire County Council’s hidden treasure.”