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Bringing outdoor learning to your school

Learning outside the classroom

 Child investigating nature,looking through a magnifying glass into long grass and a ladybird.

Our experienced instructors can bring sessions to your school grounds.

All the activities have been designed to provide fun and practical ways to meet the skills requirements of the curriculum and enhance children’s social development in a safe and secure way. Through hands-on learning and discovery we aim to motivate and engage children to increase knowledge and understanding.

Our instructors will provide all the equipment required on the day and activities and programmes can be tailored to your needs regarding content, timing and location within the school site. This may be utilising outdoor space in the school grounds or a large indoor space, such as your assembly hall or gym.

We can either provide instructors to work with one group of pupils, or we can provide a carousel of activities, where several of our instructors deliver activities to smaller numbers of children, or to children from different year groups.

Sessions can be tailored to your school’s requirements and our staff can advise on suitable activities to suit the curriculum needs, together with managing risk effectively.


Bespoke programmes are available from £250 per day. 

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements:

Activities offered

Choose any combination of the following activities to create your bespoke programme.

Team building and problem solving

Fun physical and mental challenges that encourage team working and the development of trust between children. The activities are designed to encourage enjoyment in communication and collaboration, while intrinsically maintaining social distancing.

Opportunities to recognise success and improve team skills will be evaluated throughout the session.

Blindfold trail

Sensory deprivation trail in which children navigate their way through a series of obstacles and mazes, relying on trust and communication to support each other.


Depending on the outdoor space available (pond, woodland, hedge, field or a combination); activities can include pond-dipping, bug-hunting, discovering and investigating trees, flowers and plants, animal evidence, adaptations, food chains and webs.

Wicked wildlife

Choose from any of these wildlife activities:

  • Bird identification
  • Clay birds and swallow migration
  • Creating wildlife homes
  • Making a birds’ nest
  • Bird feeders
  • Mini bug house
  • Herb planters
  • Welly boot planters
  • Clay beetles 
  • Mini beast hunt 
  • Bug identification
Small mammal trapping

We will make up and set out Longworth traps in the school grounds, in order to investigate the lifestyle and habits of mice and voles; before releasing these fascinating creatures back into the wild.

Please note: this activity must take place over two consecutive days.

Rocks and soil

The children will investigate soil and sort rocks by colour, hardness and form, performing simple experiments and considering the processes that formed them.

Art in the environment

Choose from:

  • Soil painting
  • Colour mixing
  • Observational drawing
  • Water colour painting

Depending on your school grounds, natural sculpture may also be an option.


Den-building and shelters
Mini communities – clay animals – clay people

Woodland craft
Making ‘tracking’ or ‘information' sticks, shadow sticks, tent pegs, mauls, elder pencils and many more

Fire-lighting and fire lay styles, char cloth making, charcoal making, wood types and uses

Campfire cooking
Including toasting marshmallows, chocolate bananas or cooking lunch


Choose from:

  • Orienteering trails
  • Natural navigation
  • Map skills
Literacy in the environment

Choose from:

  • Poetry
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Word trails
  • Themed book days

...incorporating cross-curricular activities throughout the day.


Maths in the environment

Depending on the grounds available, activities can include:

  • estimating distances
  • measuring
  • shape and symmetry
  • angles
  • co-ordinates
  • quadrat surveys