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Go Wild at Hudnall feedback

Here are some of the comments we received from those who took part in Go Wild at Hudnall

"Perfect experience for our family"

"We had a fantastic day. We learnt about woodland animals, bugs and creatures. Den building was great fun. Building and maintaining a fire was a great experience to keep everyone warm and dry under the shelter. 

Our [Services for Young People] leader was fabulous, her knowledge and passion for wildlife is fantastic! She made the day a perfect experience for our family. She was a perfect blend of fun and professional, playing on the rope swing and teaching the young people. Highly recommended!"

Parent who attended a Go Wild family day

"Flourishing in a safe environment"

“I enjoyed watching the children flourish in the safe but exciting environment - exploring new activities, problem solving with rope swings and ladders, making craft out of natural materials, and discovering animal trails.”

Teaching Assistant, local primary school

"Enjoying the freedom"

“They grew in confidence - some wouldn’t even speak at the beginning - and wanted to share their experiences by the last session! Some became more self-controlled as they progressed from enjoying the freedom, flitting from one activity to another, to focusing on a particular task e.g. rope swings.

They enjoyed problem solving and working together when it came to the rope bridges, and shelter building.

A quieter child really enjoyed the craft on offer and would calmly chat to an adult whilst doing the craft, which was significant in her development.

All the children’s self-esteem improved whilst the sessions were running, and this transferred itself to the school environment - there was a marked difference in their behaviour, which was wonderful to see!”

Teaching Assistant, local primary school

"Relaxing and therapeutic"

“Really enjoyed the day! Mindfulness and wood carving the most! Thank you! Being in the forest was really relaxing and therapeutic.”

Group Leader, Young Carers

"Supporting young people's mental health"

“The Wild Wellbeing session was a wonderful opportunity for young people to participate in activities they might not engage with within the parameters of their day to day lives. The session effectively utilised a natural environment to demonstrate strategies for supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing. Further to this, the strategies were demonstrated in a tangible way, which will mean they can be incorporated into ongoing work with the young people, for example, at projects or during one-to-one sessions. Young people fed back that they had thoroughly enjoyed the session, particularly taking part in new activities.”

Youth Worker, Services for Young People

"Pitched perfectly for the group"

“It was lovely to see the Serenity group chilling out, they all got involved with all the activities and I feel for some they may use back at home. The day was pitched perfectly for the group. Mindfulness is so important for the group to practice, it will help them both short term and long term. Some of the group were receiving their GCSE results so to have a day out with nature was really just what they needed. Hudnall Park reminded some of the group of a residential that we did. For some the residential was a huge personal challenge, so to see the group back, relaxing and being able to reflect with them about how far they have come was a real opportunity."

Youth Worker, Services for Young People

"Brilliant session"

“Brilliant session, easily tailored to the needs of the group. Can also feed into the wider curriculum, e.g. 54321 activities can be used again with the group to consolidate learning. Would recommend.”

Youth Support Worker, Services for Young People

"Fantastic to watch"

“One young person who struggles with school and has regular exclusions really enjoyed the day, knuckling down to the hard jobs like digging without a word of a moan. He worked together as a team and dug a big hole in tough hard ground. I was shocked and I really reflected and reminded myself how much the school environment is not for all. I was also proud of their achievements and it helped me gain a different perspective of how to meet the group's needs in the future. Watching the boys in a new environment and being given responsibility (using hammers and drills) was fantastic to watch.”

Youth Worker, Services for Young People

Want to take part?

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