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Camping facilities

During the summer months, we can create a camping village to suit your group size

We currently have 19 two-bed tents which will be set up in advance for your convenience and a hassle-free camping experience. More two and three-bed tents will be available from May 2024, which can be erected together to create a festival vibe.


There is a group shelter which will give you space for communal activities in the evening, and you will have sole use of the shower block throughout your stay.

We also have a yurt that can accommodate up to eight people or can be used as some extra communal space if you prefer.

Outside of four-berth tents avaialable at Hudnall 

Campers have access to a modern, well-equipped toilet and shower block.

Toilet and shower block for camping

For further details and to discuss requirements regarding the accommodation available, please contact us.