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Part time work

Part time work can be very important for students. It is a great chance to build up valuable transferable skills, earn some extra money and get a great insight in to working life. It can lead on to full time employment after your studies especially with larger companies, so make the most of the experience.


Where to look for part time jobs

  • Check out the websites of larger supermarkets, shops and restaurants/cafes in your area, who may advertise part time vacancies on their websites.
  • Large shopping centres also advertise jobs on their website - use your web browser to locate the website for your local shopping centre, look for a jobs/careers/vacancies section.
  • Other employers who recruit part time staff including call centres, leisure centres, garden centres, restaurants, pub kitchens, stables, fruit farms, cinemas, hotels and tourist attractions. Check out our Useful tips for finding part time work for more suggestions to help you find and apply for a job.


Want to work whilst still at school?

There rules about the hours and type of work you can do - find out more