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Security and Armed Forces

These employers offer apprenticeship schemes or other types of programmes for school and college leavers in security and armed forces

These are just some of the large employers who offer apprenticeship and other types of training schemes for school and college leavers. 

Links go the relevant page of the company's website where you can find more information about the types of opportunities they offer.  The type and location of opportunities will vary, but these companies have a presence in Hertfordshire, the surrounding area or in London, so may have local opportunities available.  Check the companies' webpages regularly for updates.



Employers describe the level of their opportunities in different ways.  Some may specify the type of apprenticeship, e.g. advanced, higher or the level of the qualification a young person will be working towards, e.g. level 3. Other employers may just specify the level of entry qualfications required.


Timing of applications

Some employers run apprenticeship or other training schemes throughout the year, but others may have a specific start date with opening and closing dates for applications.  The employers listed on this page have information about the types of opportunities they offer, even if applications are currently closed, so it is important to make a note of application timings and check their website regularly for updates.