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Online employer database and booking system

Link2+ is Services for Young People employer database and online booking system

Online booking system

Link2+ is also a web based online booking system, where students can select to work at a specific company once a job description has been established. Students can choose by employment sector or postcode so that they can apply for a placement that interests them and that they are able to travel to. This is a fair system that opens up work experience opportunities to all students. Employers then interview the young person prior to the placement to make sure that all involved are happy and ready for the start of the placement.


Employer login

Employers can also log onto Link2+ with an individual pin number to see the opportunities they are offering for work experience and which schools have booked placements. Employers can offer as few or as many placements as they would like to. SfYP are appreciative for any support companies are able to provide young people looking for that first step onto the career ladder. Our dedicated staff will share the calendar of schools dates and work out the best time to offer placements to suit your business needs. School students go out on work experience throughout the academic year.


For any enquiries regarding Link2+ or for more information on how you can get involved, please email please email or call SfYP on 0300 123 7538