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Want to offer work experience?

Why not join our valuable bank of dedicated employers in helping to support your future employees?

Each year, thousands of businesses kindly offer and support young people with invaluable work experience placements across Hertfordshire.  By offering work experience, employers are directly 3facilitating the learning journey of young people, providing a real understanding of the world of work and a better chance of securing a future job. This experience can go onto CV’s, university applications or be discussed at an interview for a job in the future, putting these young people ahead in the competitive job market. Employers therefore can directly influence the future workforce by helping young people gain their first taste of all important ‘employability skills’. A common response from employers is that young people do not have these essential skills needed for working life, but by offering work experience companies can directly help to combat this early on.

How would you benefit?

The benefits to students are far-reaching but it is equally as beneficial to employers in this two way partnership. Offering work experience can help your business in the following ways:

There are many benefits to providing a placement, both to your organisation and the young person.

For the Company:

  • the student provides help with real tasks – many young people are highly IT competent and capable of administration/office tasks, project work and under supervision, can assist with manual and practical activities
  • your employees can build on their supervisory and leadership skills, whilst sharing their knowledge and expertise with young people
  • the placement provides a real insight into your business – you get to understand how young people view your business and learn from them if your marketing messages are well received and understood
  • give back to your local community
  • promote a positive profile of your business to your employees of tomorrow

For Students, it:

  • helps to build business-relevant skills
  • enables creativity
  • helps them to understand the world of work and what employers expect of them
  • gives students industry-relevant knowledge that may help shape their future career choices

Feedback from employers that have supported work experience is the past indicate how rewarding it can be to know that you have helped a young person understand the world of work, develop skills, clarify their career ideas and raise aspirations.

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