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Employer Guide to Work Experience

YCH Services for Young People can provide employers with our free Employer Guide to Work Experience which is a step by step support manual to help you to offer a successful placement.

The Guide includes:

  • Actual tasks/projects/jobs you can give young people to do whilst on their placement to support your business
  • The process prior to, during and after work experience to alleviate any concerns and provide step by step information.
  • Hints and tips for successful work experience and how to get the best out of the placement.
  • How to set up a timetable and share responsibility for the student so that teams can be involved rather than one individual or Manager.
  • How to use Link2+ (Online Booking system) to see which schools have booked your opportunity/opportunities.
  • The work of our dedicated and experienced staff and the ways they can help you with the work experience placement.
  • Common misconceptions with regards to work experience.
  • Health & Safety Queries.
  • How companies can feedback to Services for Young People on their experience in order that we respond to the needs of companies and improve our service.
  • How to support a wide range of students, including those with LDD if you choose to support young people with additional learning needs.
  • Useful Websites for employers.


Click here to download an electronic version of the Guide or to obtain a free copy please email: or call 01438 844766 and a dedicated member of our team will be in touch.