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Rocket into the Future

Groupwork for Key Stage 2

 Group of primary school-aged children carrying books with symbols for different subjects above their heads, for example a test tube for science.

Rocket into the Future is a series of interactive galactic-themed workshops which encourage KS2 (Years 4 to 6) students to think about their future.

It's designed to support schools in ensuring their students are prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life, and help them make links between different subjects and the world of work.

Choose from the following half-day workshops:

Blast off into the future   Explore possibilities Gatsby Benchmark image
Exploring future options  

Mission control    Grow throughout life Gatsby Benchmark image
Understanding what skills and attributes are needed for jobs  

Total eclipse   Grow throughout life Gatsby Benchmark image
Making effective transitions   

Reach for the sky   Manage careers Gatsby Benchmark image

Stargazing   Balance life and work Gatsby Benchmark image
Exploring inspirational roles   

Landing and exploration   Explore possibilities Gatsby Benchmark image
Linking subjects to careers   

Rocket kid   See the big picture Gatsby Benchmark image
Challenging stereotypes   

Satellite transmission   Create opportunities Gatsby Benchmark image 
Teamwork and problem solving   

Mission to the Moon   Create opportunities Gatsby Benchmark image

My universe   Explore possibilities Gatsby Benchmark image
World of work and local labour market information (LMI)   

Spacecraft systems   Explore possibilities Gatsby Benchmark image
Using IT to research careers   

Shooting stars   See the big picture Gatsby Benchmark image
Exploring the real work force   


Feedback about Rocket into the Future

"Without exception, classes across all year groups have reported very positive feedback, from both pupils and teachers. Students thoroughly enjoyed the activities organised for them. An ideal experience for the children; thank you for the planning and preparation of this event.”

Assistant Head Teacher, Royston

"I have gained a better understanding of how school subjects relate to jobs in the world of work. I didn’t know that English and Maths were so very important”.

Year 6 student, Potters Bar


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