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Youth Strategy Partnership Groups

The 10 Hertfordshire district Youth Strategy Partnership Groups provide a forum for local service providers and other key stakeholders to collaborate strategically and operationally.

The 10 district Youth Strategy Partnership Groups in Hertfordshire work with young people to identify need, promote, deliver and evaluate services for young people in each district, collaborating closely with local youth councils and forums.

The Youth Strategy Partnership Groups review and analyse key and emerging trends in issues affecting young people and ensure local action by:

  • sharing knowledge and information
  • identifying gaps in provision and developing solutions
  • promoting the work of individual organisations and joint initiatives
  • identifying and securing resources to increase and improve services
  • working in partnership to increase opportunities for young people
  • ensuring that young people, particularly those at risk and who are vulnerable, are aware of and able to access relevant services
  • enhancing and improving existing activities, opportunities, clubs, groups, projects, programmes and support
  • engaging with young people to inform, co-produce and evaluate service delivery
  • pro-actively helping young people to access youth work, positive activities, new opportunities, support, information, advice and guidance
  • supporting the delivery of other local strategies and action plans that relate to young people to avoid unnecessary duplication and maximise use of resources
  • supporting the Families First Early Help Agenda

Please use the left-hand menu to find details of the member organisations of each district Youth Strategy Partnership Group and information about opportunities for young people in those districts.