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Young people's survey results

Hertfordshire young people’s survey summer 2020

Our summer 2020 young people's survey aimed to capture the voices of young people aged 11-17 across Hertfordshire during the Covid-19 pandemic, to understand their priorities and concerns during the lockdown period; and what had changed for them since the survey we carried out at the end of 2019. 

While most young people agreed that the priority issues identified in the 2019 survey were still important, some new issues were highlighted. 2,608 surveys were fully completed and you can read the key findings and recommendations in the executive summary here:


Hertfordshire young people’s survey winter 2019

Almost 10,000 young people aged 11-17 living or going to school in Hertfordshire completed our winter 2019 survey. Climate change, mental health, bullying, knife crime and body image were all identified as key concerns.

Young people were asked what they thought about the support available to them, what challenges they felt they faced and what their greatest concerns were. The survey (completed before the lockdown) also aimed to identify gaps in what was available to young people outside of school and ensure that those who provide services can adequately plan for the future. 

The results of the survey are being used to ensure that services and support for young people across Hertfordshire are developed through needs-based evidence, so that they are valuable, relevant and inclusive.