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Comments received from young people who had contact with SfYP in 2022/23

when completing our annual survey

 Meeting with SfYP Advisers

“Really enjoyed working with [the SfYP Employment and Training Adviser]. She helped me with my CV and college applications and I am grateful for the support I have received, as it’s given me more confidence for my future.”

“[The SfYP Personal Adviser] is a very good person to tell about my problems… She asks me questions which are easy to answer and when I tell her something… it isn’t awkward talking to her.”

“Without speaking to [the SfYP Adviser] would have been without anyone to speak to. She is the only person who has listened to me. I feel safe in the centres.”

“Very helpful, gave good advice on different pathways and in-depth information on these options on the path to the workplace.”

“It was very good, I felt comfortable and felt like I could really get support and guidance.”

“I am now more confident when I apply for things thx to [the SfYP Adviser’s] great support and help.”

“Am grateful for the support I have received as it’s given me more confidence for my future.”

“It was good to see that the advisers understand people of different backgrounds.”

“It was very good, and extremely helpful.

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Work experience

“I got to meet and work with people I had never seen before. This helped me to show my personal qualities of communication, teamwork, friendliness and has helped me to be prepared for life in the workplace.”

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Attending SfYP projects

“…The Youth Worker I work most closely with, puts in so much time and effort to ensure their young people are looked after and cared for. He truly does his best to help us make productive, healthy choices…. and most importantly the youth workers make us feel welcome.”

“As a direct consequence of my work with [a SfYP Youth Worker], I have become more confident in myself, been able to advocate for myself in regards to education and mental health services... SfYP has provided a place where I can just relax instead of focusing on the pressures of academia and work.”

“The workers are lovely and super understanding and supportive. Our opinions are always taken into consideration. No one is ever left out or excluded and no matter what happens [it] is always a safe space for everyone.”

“Attending the youth work projects helped me to discover who I am, have a place where I can be my authentic unfiltered self, and begin to make positive changes in my coping mechanisms.”

“It has helped me with finding positive ways to help express my anger and help my relationships with my family.”

“I come to the project to record my music. I don't get to do this anywhere else. The project provides a place for me to chill and socialise.”

“Helped me make better decisions in my life, feel safer in my environment and much more.”

“I have looked at my relationships in a different light and been able to speak openly about my home life and mental health without shame.”

“Youth Workers are very easy to talk to and treat you as an equal rather than a child.”

“[Youth] Workers are always so friendly and make [the] sessions fun. [They] help [me to] learn how to stay safe and always provide support in any way they can.”

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Working with the SfYP SEND Team

“I like being able to talk about what I want to do [when I leave school]. I have ideas but I don't know if they are good ones, so talking about it helps me.”

“I enjoyed the activities because it got me confident to join in. I enjoyed today’s session. I thought it was planned and delivered well.”


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