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Young People in East Herts provide comfort to isolated older and vulnerable people with a Hug by Post

21 May 2020

Young people in East Herts have been making handmade cards and writing poems to send out to older people across Hertfordshire who receive Meals on Wheels, Emergency Food and Grocery Bag services, to help them feel more connected with their local community during these challenging times. The initiative was led by YC Hertfordshire Services for Young People, part of Hertfordshire County Council.

The young people from Ware Youth Forum and part of YC Hertfordshire projects hope that these special messages will give a positive boost to those that are vulnerable and isolated at this time and let them know that they are being thought of by others within their community.


Young people have enjoyed having a focus and opportunity to do something constructive for others during the lockdown. The young people said:


“Everyone is in the same boat, so we want them to know they are not on their own.”

“We wanted to bring the community together.”

“It’s great to spread some light amongst the dark.”

“It’s good to show our thoughtful side and challenge the stereotypes of young people.” 

Young people from the Ware Youth Forum have also sent a card and flower seeds to residents of a care home in Stansted Abbotts who they visited just before Christmas. Sadly, 12 residents have lost their lives to Covid-19 in recent weeks and the young people wanted to communicate their condolences to other residents and the care workers at the home and contribute to a simple memorial for the elderly people they had spent time with last year. 

YC Hertfordshire gives one to one support and online group projects available to young people across Hertfordshire. As part of these weekly online meetings, members of Ware Youth Forum and other online YC Hertfordshire projects in East Hertfordshire have come together to discuss how they can make a positive contribution to their local community.


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