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YC Hertfordshire outdoor youth work resumes

28 May 2020

YC Hertfordshire's youth workers will be out and about on streets and in parks across Hertfordshire working with young people as lock down is eased.

‘Detached’ youth work takes place outdoors rather than in young people’s centres. It was stopped when lockdown was announced, but YC Hertfordshire's youth workers are now looking forward to going into outdoor spaces to support young people with a range of issues, including mental health and wellbeing, education, employment, training and feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Young people will also be reminded of social distancing guidelines to help control the virus in their communities.

The Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, Councillor Teresa Heritage said:

“Now more than ever, young people need help and support to cope with feelings of isolation and concerns about their future.

“Our youth workers have been working with young people over the phone and online throughout lockdown, but we are aware that there will be some who won’t know how to ask for help or access our services. We hope that, by going safely into the community, we can let young people know that we are there to support them and they aren’t alone.”


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Youth workers will ensure that they carry out their youth work following strict social distancing guidance.

Find details of online youth projects and how to access help from YC Hertfordshire Services for Young People here:

Support for young people during the coronavirus outbreak.