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The results of our annual user survey are now in

02 June 2023

Between January and March 626 young people who had contact with Services for Young People (SfYP) told us what they thought of our services to help us improve our offer to all eligible young people.

Who completed the survey?

The majority of participants fell within the 13-16 age group (80%). 25% of the survey participants said that they have a learning difficulty or a learning disability. The young people were from all areas of Hertfordshire and over 17 ethnicities/backgrounds.

Headline results and feedback

Overall, 78% of young people rated our services 7 out of 10 or higher. 39% gave a rating of 10 out of 10. When asked why they gave the score they did, the young people said it was because:

  • SfYP services are good, enjoyable and helpful
  • SfYP staff are supportive and kind
  • They received useful information, resources and advice
  • The projects were safe spaces where they could meet new people and make new friends

The most common comments were that SfYP has helped them to:

  • Build their confidence and make the right choices
  • Be more independent
  • Be happier


SfYP youth work projects 

“The workers are lovely and super understanding and supportive. Our opinions are always taken into consideration. No one is ever left out or excluded and no matter what happens [it] is always a safe space for everyone.”

Of the young people who attended SfYP youth work projects:

  • 90% agreed or strongly agreed that their Youth Workers were easy to talk to
  • 89% agreed or strongly agreed that the Youth Workers supported them to engage with the project by listening to and acting on their ideas
  • 78% agreed or strongly agreed that the youth work project helped them to make positive choices

The young people said that attending the youth work project(s) had helped them to...

  • Increase their confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • Express their ideas, opinions and feelings, and communicate better
  • Improve their mental health, emotional wellbeing and happiness
  • Explore their identity, be themselves and feel accepted
  • Think about their goals and options for the future
  • Learn new things


Meeting with SfYP Advisers

“Very helpful, gave good advice on different pathways and in-depth information on these options on the path to the workplace.”

Of the young people who met with an SfYP Adviser:

  • 84% agreed or strongly agreed that their Adviser explained which services could be provided to help them
  • 79% agreed or strongly agreed that the discussion with their Adviser helped them think about their future goals
  • 71% agreed or strongly agreed that the discussion with their Adviser motivated them to achieve their next steps

As a result of the discussion with an Adviser the young people said they would be able to:

  • Research education or career options
  • Apply for courses, jobs or apprenticeships
  • Focus on their studies or personal development
  • Get work experience
  • Write a CV
  • Attend youth projects or increase their extra-curricular activities


We are constantly evolving our services to ensure they reflect the challenges faced by the most vulnerable young people in Hertfordshire. As a direct result of this survey, we have:

  • Assessed the use of some of our young people’s centres and extended the opening times at our busiest venues
  • Revised our youth work curriculum programmes to align with the current needs and concerns of young people
  • Developed more ways to ensure that our services are considerate and inclusive of young people’s culture, community and identity


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