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Pathways to Success

04 January 2022

Pathways to Success is a tailored programme of careers activities combining IAG, work experience and employability training to support entry into Education, Employment or Training for young people aged 15 to 24 who are NEET or at risk.

The programme is delivered by Hertfordshire County Council Services for Young People and co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Equalities and environmental sustainability are strongly promoted in the programme. Examples of achievements and good practice for 2021 include:


Throughout 2021 the programme has well exceeded target participation numbers for females, young people from ethnic minorities, young people with disabilities, and participants who live in a single adult household with dependent children.

Staff have promoted equalities via, for example:

  • Targeting NEET and pre-NEET young people from disadvantaged groups.
  • Sharing information on national initiatives to support female involvement in Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM) careers and in entrepreneurship.
  • Raising awareness of childcare options to help accommodate career pathways.
  • Producing accessible information for participants with learning difficulties and assisting employers to make adaptations.

Environmental Sustainability

Staff have promoted environmental sustainability by:

  • Continuing to deliver a successful, combined face-to-face and virtual programme of careers activities for young people. This new approach was developed during the pandemic and has helped to sustain a significant reduction in car use by staff.
  • Discontinuing printing of leaflets and explanatory information for participants. Staff are now using digital versions by default, unless a participant is unable to access.
  • Making participants aware of sustainable transport options.
  • Sourcing environmental sustainability-related training programmes and employers to make available new career pathway choices.


To see the full versions of our action plans and progress reports please email: