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Young person has renewed hope for their future by engaging with Services for Young People

31 May 2023

A Personal Adviser in the Services for Young People (SfYP) North Herts and Stevenage Team describes how the support a young person received as part of the SfYP HOP Into Your Future programme has helped them to overcome mental health issues and make plans for their future.

Young woman sitting at a work station in an office smiling

The young person’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.

When I first met Charlotte, she felt frustrated about the future. Her goal at that time was “just to keep being here”. Due to mental health issues related to bereavement, bullying, and the pandemic, she was struggling with attendance and had left school. The school environment had become overwhelming, leading to regular psychosomatic fits and tics. She was also awaiting a potential autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis. Feeling isolated without school, Charlotte wasn’t sure how she could pursue her dream of a career in science.

As part of the SfYP Hop into Your Future programme, we arranged a ‘work taster’ for her at Stempoint East. During the initial 12-hour taster, Charlotte helped make their website and other resources more ‘young people friendly’. She also created and delivered an engaging presentation and visited schools. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed working with Charlotte and their glowing feedback improved her confidence in meeting new people. They rated her work very highly and she still has ongoing contact with the team, helping them with different projects when required. Charlotte also did some further work experience in a primary school.

Through engaging with these work placements and other SfYP HOP Into Your Future activities, Charlotte has overcome her challenges and found a way back from a dark place.

What’s next?

Charlotte now has a part time job in a café and has applied to study for a science degree at the Open University. Most importantly, her overall wellbeing has improved, and she is much more hopeful for her future.

In recognition of her remarkable progress and outstanding achievements, Charlotte  was awarded an SfYP Young People’s Award in the ‘Be Happy’ category. Attending the award ceremony further boosted her confidence.


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