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The results of the 2022 Young People’s Health & Wellbeing Survey have now been published

02 March 2023

Responses were received from 11,160 students aged 11-19 from 74 secondary schools in Hertfordshire. The information gathered is used to develop Services for Young People’s support for young people.

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Services for Young People (SfYP) worked in partnership with Public Health Hertfordshire and the HCT Public Health Nursing Service to deliver the survey. It included questions about home life, wellbeing, diet, physical activity, smoking, alcohol use, drug use, sexual health, mental health, bullying and safety.

The results will be used by the 10 district Youth Strategy Partnership Groups and Youth Councils/Forums in reviewing and refocusing their local action plans to best meet the needs of young people.

You can explore the data, including comparing with previous years’ results, and breaking information down by a range of demographics using the dropdowns in the navigation bar at the top of the dashboard:

Mental health and wellbeing headlines

        •  19.2% of all respondents rated their life satisfaction as low
        •  9.9% felt they were overweight, while 9.1% felt they were underweight
        • 16.7% of all respondents stated that they have self-harmed before
        • 63.3% answered 'Yes' when asked if they knew how to access support and services for mental health and 36.7% of respondents answered 'Not sure' or 'No'


        • 40.9% of all respondents stated that they have been bullied before.

Top worries

 1. Schoolwork
2. Their appearance
3. Future prospects
4. Their mental health
5. Feeling lonely

Top ways to cope

1. Listening to music
2. Talking to a friend
3. Talking to family
4. Exercising
5. Find a solution on their own

Watch the video summarising the results of the 2022 Young people's health and wellbeing survey.

Find out how Services for Young People supports young people with these issues here:

Support with mental health and wellbeing

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