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“I feel happier… less anxious and more confident”

09 February 2024

How a Services for Young People emotional wellbeing project has transformed a young person who was struggling with anxiety and low confidence.

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This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and Feeling Good Week, and we are linking with these campaigns to raise awareness about the emotional wellbeing support we offer to young people in Hertfordshire.

Services for Young People (SfYP) recently played a crucial role in helping Aaliyah (not her real name) after she was referred to us by her school because of low self-esteem and confidence. Joining our ‘Supporting You’ programme enabled her to make a big difference to her mental health, improving her resilience, self-care skills and sense of belonging.

Designed specifically for young people aged 11 to 17, Supporting You is a free 10-week programme for those who are beginning to show early signs of distress related to anxiety or low mood. The programme gives young people techniques to recognise the links between their thoughts and emotions, and to feel more able to manage day to day life.

At first, Aaliyah felt overwhelmed and was unable to take part in the group sessions, so our Youth Workers worked with her individually to build trust. Together they explored the reasons for her anxiety and, with coping strategies such as breathing exercises and talking about how she was feeling, she became comfortable enough to join the group. Aaliyah was keen to try out the techniques she learnt on the programme, taking ownership of her self-care and improving her emotional wellbeing.

Staff have seen a significant improvement in her morale and overall outlook on life, with an SfYP Youth Worker commenting, “She is a different person to when we first met her.”

Aaliyah now has the confidence to contribute openly to group discussions, take part in group activities and has made new friends at the project. She now attends another SfYP youth work project, where she continues to develop her personal and social skills.

Aliyah reflected on her journey, saying, “I feel happier. Coming to the young people’s centre has helped me be less anxious and more confident.”

Aaliyah's inspiring progress shows how our work with young people can have a significant impact on their wellbeing and lead to positive change in their lives.

If you know of a young person facing similar challenges who would benefit from our support, make a referral to the Supporting You programme.

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