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Young people run entertaining and educational science show to inspire families in Hemel Hempstead

02 April 2023

The audience at Bennetts End Young People’s Centre was wowed by exciting science experiments led by young people from a Services for Young People Dacorum Team project.

 Young person conducting a science experiment

The young people learnt a range of skills to present the fun and engaging science workshop. The ‘Science Communicators’ training was provided by Sphere Science and aims to inspire a passion for science in both the young presenters and their audience.

Each young person took part in the activities as a ‘learner’ at first and then worked as a team to plan the event where they would become the ‘teacher’. They had to decide who would present and how the room, equipment and their time should be organised. 

The event was well attended by local families, and everyone enjoyed the interactive activities and the unexpected and surprising outcomes of the experiments. The great feedback from the audience was a confidence boost for the young people who ran the event and the whole experience has had a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing. It was an opportunity for them to improve their communication, teamwork, planning and organisation skills. They also gained many other transferable skills, such as how adapt their delivery approach according to the audience and circumstances.

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